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...learning how to share...

Sharing is a behaviour ingrained in humans, for it stems from our dim past when sharing food became part of a survival strategy.

Toddlers will voluntarily share. 'Sharing', however, is an abstract concept.

Sharing Two year olds will spontaneously share with the person they feel close to, e.g  their mum. Which mother hasn't had a soggy biscuit almost pushed in their mouth, that is sharing, two year old style!

Posted by on in Sharing

b2ap3_thumbnail_potato-harvest.jpgWe harvested our potatoes this week. Once dug up I showed the children "how to divide" by giving them all one at a time until there were none left. Two of the boys said: "Can I have a big one for my dad? My dad loves potatoes, he loves a big one!"
Take notice dads if you happen to read this post: never think that you don't feature in their thoughts , because clearly you do!
One little girl had picked a watermelon (not quite ripe) and put it in her box. She could fit four potatoes nicely around the melon and took all the others out, didn't want them. This was very interesting, because clearly it was not about "equal amounts" for her or size, it was about the visual effect of the watermelon and the spuds fitting so snug and nicely...
But the flowers, the flowers are always for their mum....

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